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Guest Blog


Below is a guest blog from Health Hub partner Kim, she has had her own battles with health and diet and this is her personal account of her journey and the start of another challenge.

Guest Blog2017-06-28T13:16:47+00:00

5 fun finishers for your next workout


I use the word fun very loosely here. I understand it takes a certain individual to enjoy this sort of thing and most people need a bit of a nudge to get going. Here are a few alternatives to

5 fun finishers for your next workout2017-05-08T08:08:46+00:00

Out of the comfort zone and into the ditch


This weekend was a real milestone for one of our Health Hub team as she completed her first OCR event. We’re all incredibly proud of Immy for overcoming her demons and completing the course, and

Out of the comfort zone and into the ditch2017-03-26T08:57:55+00:00

8 Fat Loss Fixes


Plan your cheats for social occasions – Its hard eating clean when you’re out in a restaurant so sometimes it’s better not to bother. I cheat in restaurants all the time, burgers, chips, ice cream,

8 Fat Loss Fixes2017-03-16T17:05:39+00:00

Motivation Blog


In simple terms, motivation is the desire to do something. This can be anything and is pretty important in our world of health and fitness. Everyone needs motivation but we are all different so what

Motivation Blog2017-02-23T14:24:35+00:00

From couch to Great North Run 2017


I'm not going to lie. I was sat on the sofa recovering from surgery and feeling sorry for myself so I entered the general ballot thinking I wouldn't get picked (who does on their first

From couch to Great North Run 20172017-02-14T08:33:06+00:00

Weight Loss Strategies – My View


When it comes to weight loss we are often overawed by the volume of information and often misinformation available to us. What we should be eating has become a bit of a mystery. High fat?

Weight Loss Strategies – My View2017-02-09T11:20:02+00:00