Out of the comfort zone and into the ditch

This weekend was a real milestone for one of our Health Hub team as she completed her first OCR event. We’re all incredibly proud of Immy for overcoming her demons and completing the course, and of course of Meg too as she coached and encouraged Immy all the way round as well as completing the course herself.

After 3 months of training and pushing herself out of her comfort zone a nervous but determined Immy arrived on the start line ready for battle.

Below is Immy’s experience of the day in her own words….

“Sunday was by far one of the proudest, most incredible experiences I’ve ever had.  I completed ‘The Battle of the Knights’ held at the Playground in Barrow; consisting of a 4km run followed by 1km of twenty-five obstacles.

I am certain that I would not have been able to complete this challenge without one of my best friends, Meg, by my side. She gave me all the motivational speeches under the sun, allowing me to summon up the energy to complete the task at hand.  Not only did she give me the encouragement to achieve my goal and exceed my own expectations, but she also gave me a boost whenever self-doubt crept in and I felt like giving up.  As well as having my knight in shining armour by my side (Meg), I also felt I was blessed with the best supporters – special shout out to Kim, Stuart, Ollie and Fred Turner, Ged and Jenny Foster, Ollie Runswick and Bex Randall.  Ollie, age 6 and Fred age 4, even went the extra mile for their babysitter and ran for a short while with me, climbed the haystacks by my side and on the other obstacles were chanting my name at the bottom of them, ensuring I completed each obstacle to the best of my ability – my little cheerleaders!!

I wasn’t the fittest, fastest or strongest participant of ‘The Battle of the Knights’ by a large margin, but I certainly was determined and resilient and felt like a winner at the finish line.  Thank you to everyone involved.”

This is a great story and just goes to show what you can do when you step out of your comfort zone a little and really go for it. Well done girls.