8 Fat Loss Fixes

  1. Plan your cheats for social occasions – Its hard eating clean when you’re out in a restaurant so sometimes it’s better not to bother. I cheat in restaurants all the time, burgers, chips, ice cream, baked alaska (amazing in The View just saying), whatever you want. Then get back on it the next day. As long as you’re eating clean the rest of the time, then don’t worry about it. Life’s too short.
  1. Don’t shop hungry – So you’re trying to eat healthy foods, you have a meal plan, a shopping list and you’re off to the shops. But you’re hungry, what happens? You bin off the shopping list and go straight to the convenience food, maybe even eat it on the way round. You buy more of the crappy foods you don’t need and less of the healthy foods that you do need. Don’t do this, no good can come of shopping on an empty stomach.
  1. Use the periphery of the supermarket – This sounds weird but think about how a supermarket is laid out. All the fresh food is around the edges – think meat counter, vegetable sections, fish counter, deli. All the things that go off, that are real foods, made fresh on site or nearby are along these peripheries. Venture in to the middle and you’ll find processed crappy foods in boxes and packets. Not what you want to be eating if you want to lose weight.
  1. Add veg in sneaky ways – Kale or spinach in your morning smoothie, extra veg in your curries, cauliflower rice is actually quite nice too. Perhaps don’t stir mushed broccoli into your porridge (tried it – not good) but be creative and remember frozen veg is still veg so adding a bowl of this to your meals is a great way to add fibre and micronutrients.
  1. Train for time/intensity – I think we all clear now that ‘the fat burning zone’ is a load of old rubbish and if you want to burn serious fat then HIIT training is where it’s at. The two key words in the HIIT acronym though are ‘High Intensity’. Often the training I see is anything but. Grab a stopwatch and set it for 10 minute Pick two tough exercise and see how many rounds of 10 reps you can do in those 10 minutes. For example… Do 10 Heavy Kettlebell Swings and 10 Down and Ups. Have a short rest and repeat, record how many you do and beat it next time.
  1. Eat real foods that go off – Ok so this one’s not really a ‘hack’ or a ‘quick fix’ but guess what none of them really are. If you want results then you have to dedicate a bit of time and put the work in. Eating real foods is going to give you a long term sustainable way of getting lean and staying lean. If you can do this most of the time then you will be in a good place.
  1. Use Protein shakes – Ok so this is a bit of a contradiction of the above point but a really simple way of improving your macros is to up your protein intake. And a simple way of doing this is by adding protein shakes to your diet. Don’t be afraid, it’s not weird it means you care about your body. Find a good one that you like, without the added sugars if possible, and have a shake in the morning and one before bed.
  1. Rome wasn’t built in a day – but they were laying bricks every hour. Fat loss isn’t a quick fix, it takes a bit of time and a bit of dedication. So take things slowly and focus on one thing at a time. Take breakfast for example – if you’re struggling with that, then spend your time getting breakfast right every day. Once you have that sorted, move on to the next thing, and so on and so on.